Sunday, 30 November 2008

Is this next .

This was just too good not to share , welcome to Labours Britain .

Thursday, 27 November 2008

A request from the States .

I received the following request from Doc Jr. , it goes :
BloggerDoc Jr. said...

You bet thay'll be better next year, and anyway at least Mc Donalds is still open.

Anyway post a pic of the Jeep, that'll prove im americanised (is that a word ?)

27 November 2008 04:37

So here it is .

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Thanksgiving Greetings .

We wish all of our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving , the turkey may be a bit smaller this year and the trimmings not so lavish but hopefully next year will be better .

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A comment on our nation .

I spotted this at Longrider's blog , he has had the courage to do that which I should have done years ago , when I first saw the way this country was going . I leave Longrider to state his own position :

As I write this, Longrider Towers is awash with boxes, full of possessions gathered over the past two decades. Slowly, the house is becoming depersonalised in preparation for the new occupant. On Thursday evening we will drive to Portsmouth to catch the evening ferry and make our home across the channel.

This is the culmination of an idea that germinated when travelling through the Larzac in the summer of 1990. An idea that grew into buying a house and spending every available holiday for the past five years working to make it a home. There was a point a couple of years back, one starlit night in the quiet moments as one year died and a new one started, when I made the mental adjustment and there was more home than here. Now, looking at the home we’ve known for twenty-one years, I am ready to go.

When we first thought about living in France, our motivation was the countryside, the climate, the pace of life and the French way of doing things. A love/hate relationship with France became more love than hate. In the meantime, my love for my homeland has descended into contempt. Contempt for a population that is so passive that it fails to hold its political class to account. The French will bring the country to a grinding halt if their politicians upset them. They are not always right, but their willingness to say “non!” has my admiration just as the willingness of the British to accept the erosion of our civil liberties with a shrug earns my utmost derision. I have watched in despair as the righteous have eaten away like a cancer at the things that made this nation so great, that made Britain a wonderful place to live. No longer are we free to speak our minds for fear of the industry so willing and ready to take offence, of the righteous who decide what is “acceptable” or not. Thought crime is becoming a reality in 21st Century Britain.

We live in a country that has reversed the presumption of innocence, that undermines the very principle of justice, where mere suspicion is sufficient justification for the state to seize assets, where law is made on the basis of prejudice and puritan morality rather than reason, evidence or justice, where the citizen is being criminalised and treated as a suspect, where the police are becoming politicised and no longer adopt the Peelian principles, where politicians believe they, not the electorate, are the masters; politicians who treat the electorate with open contempt.

This is a land where youngsters leaving education have A* exam grades yet are barely able to string a sentence together, and mathematical illiterates such as I have to explain to them how to work out percentages. Where our history is being lost or rewritten, a nation that is being taught to be ashamed of its past rather than proud of its heritage.

France is not a common law country, but the French are not followed wherever they go by surveillance cameras, they are not subject to constant demands by the state to poke about in their business. If the state did, they would call a general strike and mean it. The French, when faced with law they do not like, will either get it changed or ignore it. Their national belligerence is something we have forgotten to our cost. I can travel almost all the way to Montpellier and come across only one set of traffic lights and they are switched off. The only speed camera is well signposted and if I take the back road I won’t see one at all. The standard of driving is better, more disciplined and courteous. Oh, and I can sit in my back garden in the summer, in the shade beneath my walnut tree and the loudest thing I will hear is next door’s chickens.

Yes, I’m going for the quality of life. I always was. It’s just a shame, though, that my own country has changed such that I want to leave it behind.

All that said, I’ll be back in December to work…

Monday, 17 November 2008

Update .

What better way to update the last post than by posting the comment by Doc. Jr.

simon has left a new comment on your post "Chicago bound .":

you betya (American word, did ya see what i did there).

Yes i am home, the team has been sacked though, so its only me now, great more $$$ in my pocket. Anyway i gotta report snow today, its only a flurry they said, well if ya call a white out a flurry ???

Oh yeah before i forget plan C is sorted, im now working on D.

Take care big fella

Doc J

Posted by simon to the doc spot at 17 November 2008 06:10

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Chicago bound .

Chicago really is a beautiful city , the picture illustrates the majesty of this skyline , and I have to report that Doc Jr. has returned home ; for her now regards the United States as his home . Although the employment situation is bleak he hopes to target his skills at those sectors of society that the downturn will have little effect on ; for if one cannot afford to move home one tends to improve the home that you already have . The second group are the wealthy , who are not affected anyway , they are generally prepared to pay for high-end workmanship .
It is now up to him and his team to seek out a living and his colleagues have great faith in his abilities ( I believe that there is already a plan A and a plan B , plan C is being worked on ) , a different and polite approach can often take one far . So I wish them good luck in their endeavours and bon chance .

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An historic event .

A momentous change in U.S. politics took place today with the election of Barack Obama to be the 44th. President of the United States . My son , Doc Jr. , who returns to his home in Chicago is ecstatic and discibes what as taken place as iconic , things will never be the same again .
You will know that I have backed Sarah Plain and the sight of Republicans booing her was sickening , they seem to have picked her as the scapegoat , when to pick an old man , lacking in charisma , to go up against a vibrant young man was entirely the fault of the party . I do hope that Palin gets a chance next time .
I want to see three things come from an Obama Presidency :
An adequate free health service for ALL who need it .
A toning down of U.S. military interventions .
An awareness by Black Americans of their true and equal place in society and an increase in literacy and general educational standards in that population to achieve that end .
The forgoing is an enormous task but one that needs doing and I truly say God Bless America .

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Strange electoral choices .

Winter in Chicago--- from Fulton Park .

Doc Jr is to return to the U.S. in the next few weeks , back to Chicago , and he is so excited ; he is excited that when he gets back Obama may be the President-elect . Such a strange lad , I would have thought that he would tend towards being a Republican , tending towards the Tories here , he says that the U.S. will benefit from a Black person in the White House . If the polls are to be believed he may get his wish , however , in my opinion , he should be careful what he wishes for ; a U.S. that lurches to socialism may be too much for many , Obama may disappoint some of his own supporters .

Still , Doc Jr. is also looking forward to the Chicago winter , snow ,ice and -30oC temperatures , there really is something wrong with him ; The Doc likes the warm , maybe it's something to do with my old bones , so it will be summer when I visit him .