Monday, 27 January 2014

The religeon of peace .

The Prophet's people enjoying the freedom of speech that is deigned to English people  . If they wish to destroy democracy and the Crusade , then this Crusader is sharpening his swords and checking his armour .

         The Banner of Christ will reign supreme .

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

British war criminals .

The Facebook page of the Emmaus Group explains:
Child “crucified” in Syria.
The image ... shows a very young girl tied to railings in a crucifixion style position and left until dead. The image was sent to us via facebook from a contact in Syria. The girl’s crime, as if there could be one? Her parents were Christians. She was tied up and made to watch her parents being killed then left. This evil act was perpetrated by Syrian rebels. The same rebels the West continues to support financially, with training and technology and supposedly, “non lethal hardware.”\
Sadly this practice is not new. Christian children have been crucified in Iraq in an attempt to terrify their parents and the Christian population in general. See link...
By supporting this terrorist scum Cameron , Osbourne and Haigh  are directly responsible for the deaths of this child and may others . They are evil beyond belief and deserve to be jailed for life .