Saturday, 14 March 2009

Views on the U.S.economy .

As you are aware I have an impeccable source of information on the state of the real economy in the Northwest USA , I have recently added to my data base with the recruitment of Aunty Sam , a highly regarded lady who really understands practical financial matters .
In Chicago , as in most other areas of the USA , the state of the employment situation in the service and construction sectors is dire , it has not escaped it's share of the 610,000 persons who became unemployed in February ; it is projected that by July some 3million will have become unemployed . One thing to remember is that over there , there is for most people , no benefits ; if you do not work there is no support , no "dole" , sweet devil all .
Doc Jr. is fortunate to have a good and supportive friend were he lives , and for that I am most grateful ; there can be nothing worse than being alone in a foreign land and having no-one to look out for you .
I pray that the situation does not get to the stage that the photo above depicts , the recession hit unemployed queuing for a job , let us hope that the huge powerhouse that is the US soon recovers and industry picks up again .

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The face of reason ...2009 .

This is the face of reason in the U.K. now , this man and his ilk can do no wrong , he will not be arrested by the police for anything he does , he will not be criticised for anything he says . If he takes 3 wives he will not face a court , he will receive extra benefits instead , if he rapes or beats his wife nothing will be done , hell if he rapes anyone he will walk free . He can spout hatred and treason with impunity , he can threaten to kill or maim , in public , in front of police officers and they will ignore him .
Now I ask you to consider what would happen to me if I did the same , no prizes for guessing the answer !