Friday, 31 August 2007

Gun Crime -- A different view .

This is an article by a lady presenting a different view of gun control , it really does need wider dissemination , so here goes :

The laws banning the ownership of certain firearms in Britain are futile. As the events of recent weeks testify, the criminal fraternity – whose sheer resourcefulness is all too often underrated – already has them in abundance. As is the case with recreational drugs, the act of making guns illegal doesn’t actually prevent people from owning or using them; it simply criminalises it, in the (increasingly vain) hope that those caught flouting the law – if they are caught at all – can be prosecuted.

Semi-automatic weapons were banned in this country in 1988. The ownership of handguns was later outlawed in 1997 as a result of the Dunblane massacre, when Thomas Hamilton opened fire at a primary school, leaving 16 children and one teacher dead. A five-year mandatory minimum term for possessing an illegal firearm came into force in 2004 and in May of this year it was extended to include 18 to 20-year-olds. Later this year, the government will ban the sale, manufacture and importation of realistic imitation firearms.

A 16-year-old boy was shot dead in July in the Stockwell Gardens Estate in south London after apparently being chased by a gang of youths on bicycles. Scotland Yard said officers were called 15 minutes after midnight to reports of shots being fired outside the Cassell House flats on the estate (Image © Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

Fatally flawed

However, in the two years immediately following the ban on handguns, their use in crime actually increased by 40%, from 2,648 in 1997/1998 to 3,685 in 1999/2000. And between 2005/2006 and 2006/2007, according to provisional statistics, the number of murders involving firearms in the UK rose 18%, from 49 to 58 – indelible evidence that it is illegal guns, as opposed to licensed firearms, which are the real threat to public safety. You may – for the time being – be four times more likely to be killed with a knife, but firearms are almost as easy to obtain and getting progressively cheaper, with prices starting from as little as £150.

And, as is so often ne’er-do-wells’ wont, efforts to smuggle outlawed weapons into this country have involved dazzling ingenuity, from guns disguised as key rings no bigger than a matchbox to screwdrivers adapted to fire off a round of ammunition. Britain’s gun laws, rather than reducing violent crime, are actually serving to perpetuate it. Demonstrably doing little – if, indeed, anything – to prevent deadly firearms being procured by the murderously inclined, they are simultaneously doing a great deal to prevent potential victims from defending themselves.

Too little, too late

Following the recent murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool, it was announced that “a review of how police work to keep deadly guns off the streets will be carried out.” Not good enough. “Police officers will be speaking to members of communities blighted by gun crime as part of the review.” Too little, too late.

Until such time as something is done to level this fatal playing field, gun-toting sociopaths are free to murder whomever they please, fearing little more than the remote prospect of spending an all-too-brief spell of their miserable lives at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. So long as the sole reprisal faced by these death-dealing barbarians remains the toothless bite of our creaking, antiquated and all-too-frequently flawed judicial system, the killing spree – much of it linked to the ascendancy of gang culture – will continue to gather pace.

The hearse containing the coffin of 15-year-old schoolboy Billy Cox, who was shot dead in his home, arrives at West Norwood Crematorium in south London. Cox was murdered in his Clapham home on Valentine's Day, becoming the third teenager to be gunned down in London within a fortnight (Image © Cavan Pawson/Evening Standard/POOL/PA Wire)

Evening the odds

What is needed now, in place of knee-jerk political posturing, is not soundbites, but to inject a palpable sense of fear into those who would inflict such fear upon us: in short, to equip would-be victims with the means to legally even the odds. When confronted with a homicidal maniac wielding a lethal weapon, wagging one’s finger disapprovingly and giving the aggressor a good telling off does nothing for one’s self-preservation. The time has come to fight firearms with firearms.

Picture, if you will, the wonderment spreading across the face of a would-be assassin as, on pointing his weapon at some decent law-abiding citizen, he promptly finds himself (or, indeed, herself) nose-to-barrel with a Desert Eagle.

Spineless miscreants

Make no mistake: I am not advocating the UK descend into armed-to-the-teeth anarchy, nor am I a right-wing activist. Quite the contrary: I am a liberal, albeit a revolutionary one. What I am advocating is responsible gun ownership, incorporating age restrictions, psychological analysis, comprehensive weapons training, registration, regulation and severe punitive measures for anyone discharging their weapon in anything other than self-defence – all within a watertight legal framework.

Only the prospect of finding themselves staring down the barrel of a gun, pointed by a legally empowered member of the public who has been weapons trained to a far higher level than they and is entitled to pull the trigger in self-defence, will give these gutless would-be killers – the kind of spineless miscreants who view an ASBO as a badge of honour – pause for thought.

To misquote John Lennon, it’s time to give peace – through superior firepower – a chance.

Have your say: should the law be changed to allow us to carry firearms?

By Laura Snook, MSN UK News Editor

This is a refreshing change to the usual views on gun control , contrary to popular opinion this does work in the U.S.A.

The old saying " an armed society is a polite society ." is perfectly true , but the British public is afraid of the truth .

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

SIOE 's march in Brussels on September 11th.

An eagerly awaited public rally was to take place in Brussels – the capital of the European Union – on September 11 of this year. Called ‘Against Islamisation of Europe,’ its intent was to protest the spreading of Islamic sharia law across the European continent and honor by a minute of silence the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks.
The event was being organized by SIOE (Stop the Islamisation of Europe), an alliance of people from across Europe whose objective is to prevent Islam from ‘becoming a dominant political force in Europe.’ Concerned about the Muslim subversion of the continent’s cultures and institutions . ( From Front page magazine & SIOE )

However the Mayor of Brussels has banned the March and appeals against the decision are being obstructed by the Belgian Courts . So much for E.U.justice !!!

Serious suggestion .
If I could be in Brussels I would do this for you .
Do not hold a demonstration hold a religious procession , at the front have clergymen in robes with a processional Cross . Since freedom of religion is guaranteed , the sight of police preventing a Christian procession led by OUR religious leaders would be abhorant to many in Europe and America . I do not think that even the Belgian police are that stupid .
Use the force of public opinion against the Anti-Christ Mayor . This way confrontation would be seen as a police action and not confrontation by demonstrators .

Sunday, 26 August 2007

A possible answer to the U.K.'s gun " problem ".

At the age of 7 my Grandfather gave to me my first air pistol and a pocket knife with the injunction that if I misused either , Divine Retribution would come my way . Now at age 64 I have 3 gun cabinets and have had the pleasure of a lifetime of a superb hobby .
However I also raised 3 children , to whom the presence of firearms was a natural everyday event , helping me to clean the guns and to make the ammunition for them . Never did they touch anything without first asking permission . None of the children followed me into the sport , but all maintain a respect for the non-missuse of firearms and a continuing interest in my participation .
The main problem in the U.K. is that firearms are demonised and people are made afraid of an inanimate object , leading to the youth wanting to possess
firearms ( probably due to a perceived mysticism surrounding them ) .

Restrictive firearms legislation has brought about the situation we now face , where only criminals have guns and the law abideing are an easy prey .

The treatment of British forces in Afganistan .

It would seem that the level of concern for the welfare of the British fighting personnel has not changed since the time and attitudes of Earl Haig . They were disposable cannon fodder then , now they are " disposable assets ". Now as then they are Lions led by donkeys .
That we allow our politicians to treat the " flower of our youth " in this way is shameful to us all .

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Untrue reports of Castro's death.

The reports of Castro's death do seem to be premature , my oracle in North America , Si the Man , is as puzzled as I am . There is nothing on the Hispanic radio waves , outside of Florida , to indicate that there is important news from Cuba . Is this just an hoax or serious disinformation ?

Gates of Vienna: Castro's Death...?

Gates of Vienna: Castro's Death...?

According to my sources in Cuba , Castro is alive and as well as expected . I do not know where the rumour of his passing came from , probably some ones wishful thinking