Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ties that bind families .

When thinking of families one tries to see if ones expectations of the past come to fruition in the now . The thoughts of what ones children may accomplish when they are in their formative years guides a parents actions in the advice given to them . To encourage them to achieve all that they might be was our guiding principle and I think to some success , all of the children went to university and graduated , due to their own hard work . I know it was hard at times for them but we gave them all the help that we could , but any success was their own , parents can only act as enablers , children have to make their mistakes as we made ours .
Now it is time to look at them , with pride , and see the direction that they travel and hope they find happiness and fulfilment ,but that is down to them , they are masters of their own destiny and I wish them all well . I just want them to know that I am still here for them , as I have always been and for as long as I can be .

Friday, 25 January 2008

" Baby it's cold outside . "

That eminent climate scientist ( or should it be failed politician ) Al Gore says that global warming is even worse than first thought " ice caps are melting , we are all going to die " , such tosh .
My son , a resident of Chicago , tells me that the daytime temperature is about 10F or 22F below freezing or -12C , with great joy he tells me that they are looking forward to unseasonably warm temperatures of about 40F . Somehow I would rather believe my son than the deluded moron that Gore has become .

Nearly 3 months ago Si married and one of the presents was a superb barbecue grill , of large size and considerable weight , I helped him put it into the lower hall of their apartment . Where is it to-day , still in the hall , does it take this post to shame him into moving it ... I hope so .

I spent 45 minutes speaking to my daughter-in-law last night , she is to be congratulated on withstanding that length of time being bored to death by this silly old sod . Still it is illuminating to see how a young couple cope with their early days of marriage given the difference in cultural backgrounds , I was astounded to note how alike but how different Yanks and Brits are . Churchill was right when he said that Britain and America were two countries separated by a common language , still after seeing for myself I believe that Yanks are OK , the only problem is that they have developed some super beers , but have kept them to themselves . Oh yes they send rubbish like Miller , Coors and Bud over here and keep Goose Island beers and Samuel Adams beers over there , if visiting , Brits must try them , you will not regret it . I cannot wait to return to try them again , and yes try the Goose Island Root Beer and the Grape Soda ; while you are at it the eggs benedict and eggs florentine should not be missed .

I suppose what I am saying is that if medical care was more affordable in the US I would leave these shores without a backward glance and let the United States of Europe go to Hell in a handcart .

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I want one of these !

I spotted this little gadget on the web and am now seeking one out .

Britain to adopt the Euro ?

Can I not make it any clearer :

Britain says NO to the Euro .

NO , NO , NO not ever .

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Pot Purri .

Since it is the weekend , I thought a round-up of odd thoughts might be appropriate .

What sort of a country do we live in when the authorities take a Ghanain woman , suffering from terminal cancer , from her hospital bed and deport her , certainly to die .

Peter Hain proves that the Labour government is institutionally corrupt , the whole lot of them cannot tell right from wrong . They make the last Tory government appear as angels compared to themselves , from Brown down they are an abomination in the sight of God and Man .

The French are no better when their President is shown to be an adulterer and a liar , such are the new E.U. elite .

I was pleased that Hillary Clinton's fortunes are rising in the Democratic Primaries , a female President is just what the U.S. needs .

My sincere apologies to my dear Grand-daughter , who's birthday I forgot on the 9th. , I promise that I will make it up , so think of a nice present .

Saturday, 5 January 2008

A fathers advice to his son .

I hope that Lady Jane does not mind me reproducing her post here , I instilled the following into my son and two daughters , it was required learning in my home . Anyone who shoots should have a copy of this in their gunroom .

A Father's Advice (To Sportsman Everywhere )

If a sportsman true you’d be
Listen carefully to me. . .

Never, never let your gun
Pointed be at anyone.
That it may unloaded be
Matters not the least to me.

When a hedge or fence you cross
Though of time it cause a loss
From your gun the cartridge take
For the greater safety’s sake.

If twixt you and neighbouring gun
Bird shall fly or beast may run
Let this maxim ere be thine
“Follow not across the line.”

Stops and beaters oft unseen
Lurk behind some leafy screen.
Calm and steady always be
“Never shoot where you can’t see.”

You may kill or you may miss
But at all times think of this:
“All the pheasants ever bred
Won’t repay for one man dead.”

Written by Mark Beaufoy of Coombe House, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, in 1902, on presenting his eldest son, Henry Mark, with his first gun.

(I was a 'beater' in a previous life;-)
Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Lionheart to be arrested .

Lionheart , a blogger who lives in Luton , has been told by Bedford police that he will be arrested when he returns to the U.K. What has this man done , read the post from Tundra Tabloids and ask ...where has our freedom gone , freedom of speech is guaranteed by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights , or was until Labour came to power .

Political Correctness Places Another Blogger Under Siege......!

No, not in Saudi Arabia, but in Britain! The British blogger Lionheart has an arrest warrant out for him for supposedly violating some form of speech law by speaking out against the Islamization of British society. I received the following in an email alerting me to the dilemma facing Lionheart, who must go home, but knows what is waiting for him.

"This country has finally lost it's freedom of speech. Fellow blogger Lionheart who is out of the country at this moment has been told that when he returns he will be arrested for stirring up racial hatred. This is a dark time in England and this´government must be stopped. Things are becoming more and more dangerous if you disagree with this Marxist government and I have shut down my blogger to the public while I figure out what to do next. Please pass this email on and if you own a blogger then please be careful and watch what you put into it."

This is a vivid reminder of how our free speech rights are being trampled on, right beneath our very own noses. No longer can we point a finger to the East and say "tsk, tsk, look at how they behave", we bloggers here in the West have also become a hot item on the police wanted list.

Lionheart writes:

I would like to thank everyone for their messages of support and for the exposure of this on your own sites now that I know I am going to be arrested by British detectives on suspicion of stirring up Racial Hatred through my blog. I have had murdering Pakistani Moslems from Luton wanting to kill me during the course of 2007 because I helped the police arrest and imprison one of them who was selling heroin and crack cocaine in my community and now I have this to look forward to in 2008.

I went to ground in 2007 and covered my tracks so that I have been untraceable by anyone. I lodged a complaint through an 'advocate' against the police for their failure to investigate the threats against my life that I had received for helping them due to the fact that I could no longer use my i.d anymore because Moslems have infiltrated every part of British society, so I could not work and I could not claim benefits - help was the least the police could do considering all of the factors concerned.

These threats against my life were witnessed by people who knew the severity of the threats that were issued and Bedfordshire police did NOTHING!!! not even check to see whether it had happened.You tell me if that should be the conduct of those who are employed to protect the public and uphold law and order? What would you expect from the police if your life had just been threatened by murdering Pakistani Moslems from Luton?

I had to close my business, I lost my home, I had to bankrupt myself and I became a vagrant in my own country because of Pakistani Moslems wanting to kill me and the British polices failure to help me even though I had just helped them. British justice in the 21st Century which can be read about on the first months of my blog. Now those same police officers that I had helped want to arrest me for writing about my experiences and the experiences of what is happening in my community on my blog.

I live in the area of Luton which was the start of point of the July 7th bombings and which was home to the biggest bombing campaign ever planned against the British homeland which was called the 'fertiliser plot' that was smashed up by the British security services under the name 'operation crevice'. Where I live is the frontline in Al Qaeda's war against Great Britain, and my blog exposes that for the British people to read so that they can understand the seriousness of the threat that they now face. Yet somebody somewhere has now chosen to try to silence me - You want a fight, then lets fight.
It has come down to this, those who bravely speak their minds are being hauled in before the magistrate and given a thorough going over for not holding their tongues. Instead of encouraging in debate as well as engaging in it, the PC crowd want to silence it, only their truth is worth seeing the light of day.

I encourage anyone who reads this blog to spread this far and wide, not only in the blogosphere but also in the chat forums. publicize this like there was no tomorrow. It's that serious. *L* KGS

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

By Pastor Niemoller

Update: Zonka has more here. I do not , nor have I , preach religious hatred or incite others to do so , however , given my professional background , I reserve the right to make considered academic comment on mine and others religions and cultures and give my personal moral and ethical judgements on matters taking place in my own country .